My name is Oscar and I am a 25 years old web developer, based in Brussels, Belgium. I focus on creating fast, SEO-friendly websites that are maintainable and accessible to everyone. I am passionate about Front-End architecture, DevOps and mostly everything which is tech-related.

You can find more about what languages and tools I use here.

I built my first (crappy) website back when I was in middle school and kept on having tiny projects, until I became a freelancer four years ago. At the time, I was creating showcase and e-commerce websites for small and medium sized businesses.

From September 2018 to February 2020, I have been working as a full-time Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer at Groupe Etam (Etam, Undiz, Maison123, Livy, Ysé). High traffic retail websites are truly amazing to work on!

Since April 2020, I'm working as a Saleforce / Front-End developer at Capgemini Belgium.

About this website

This website uses Gatsby, a static site generator based on React. I was looking for a quick way to set up a single page application with PWA features such as service workers, and Gatsby is doing a great job at it. Hosting is provided by Netlify.

I also wanted to set up a blog to share ideas and findings, following the Feynman Technique. I will be posting articles here soon, keep an eye out!