Feel free to contact me at me[at]oscarmarion.dev.


What's your daily rate as a freelancer?

It depends on which technology you want me to work with. Email me the mission details at the address above and I will answer you within a day.

What kind of projects are you looking for?

I am looking for ambitious projects. It can be building something great from scratch or cleaning tons of legacy code to reduce technical debt. Most of all, what I want is to stay in my learning zone.

Are you a senior developer?

I regularly train junior teammates on ES6 Javascript and Git. Still, I am 25 years old and I have so much to learn before I can call myself a senior developer.

Which Salesforce products do you work on?

I have mainly been working as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer and now started working on other Salesforce products. Here is my TrailBlazer page.

What (human) languages do you speak?

French is my mother tongue and I am fully fluent in English. I am currently learning Swedish and I also speak some German.

Are you familiar with Agile/Scrum methods?

Yes, I have been working in a Scrum environment for the past year and a half.