I’m currently working as a Salesforce and Front-End developer for Capgemini Belgium, in Brussels.

I am eager to discover and learn new languages and tools. As a self-taught developer, I do this by myself all the time and there is nothing that drives me more.

After completing several big Javascript ES6 projects, I'm now mainly using React and Node.js. I also have some ongoing projects where I ticker with React Native, TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker, Heroku and AWS. I am also a huge fan of JAMstack (Javascript, APIs and Markup doing great things together).

IRL, I've been practicing bouldering for the past year or so. Great sport, great people, great sauna.

What next?

I am up for leaving the Front-End world for Back-End languages such as Java, Go and Rust. I started learning Java not long ago and it's only the beginning of a long journey :-)

Tools I use everyday

  • VS Code or Webstorm / great for != reasons
  • Automation / Webpack, Gulp, Grunt, Parcel
  • Git (CLI) / with Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket
  • Jira, Confluence / great tools for team work
  • CodeSandbox / state of the art Online IDE
  • DevOps / AWS, Docker, Netlify, ZEIT
  • Yarn / it is fast and I love the logo

Softwares that make my life easier

  • Alfred 3 / productivity monster
  • iTerm2 / with the amazing Oh My Zsh
  • Bear / minimalist markdown editor
  • Spark / best email client for Apple devices
  • Mullvad VPN / for whenever I'm using public Wi-Fi
  • VMWare Fusion / to use Linux on the go
  • Dash / RTFM, right?

Gear I own

  • MacBook Pro 15" / 32GB Ram - 8 cores i9
  • iPad Pro 2018 / 12,9 inches - 64GB
  • iPhone XR / finally some decent battery life
  • Logitech MX Master 3 / best mouse ever
  • Keychron K2 / Cherry MX brown switches
  • Raspberry Pi 4 / so small, yet so powerful
  • Bose QC35 II / active noise-cancelling is life
  • Airpods 2 / but sometimes you still need to be social
  • Roost laptop stand / my neck thanks me everyday
  • IDÅSEN standing desk / my back thanks me everyday