An up-to-date list of things I use in my daily life. Inspired by Wes Bos'

👨‍💻 Editor / Terminal

My dotfiles are managed with yadm and can be found here:

🎛️ Software

I install almost everything here using Homebrew, a package manager for macOS. Whenever I get a new mac, I run a modified version of this Ansible playbook to setup all my apps, OS settings and dotfiles.



  • Raycast replaces Apple Spotlight

  • rcmd: your most used apps, one keyboard letter away

  • AltTab gives app previews on Cmd+Tab, like on Windows

  • 1Password: great UX, works on all my devices

  • Things 3: a to-do app without a subscription model

  • Cubox: the best "read-it-later" app I've tried so far

  • Craft: main notes app. I heavily recommend it, if only for the daily notes feature

  • Bear when I need to write down something quickly

  • Numi: the calculator app I've been looking for all this time


  • RunJS: to give my code a spin

  • Insomnia for API testing and documentation

  • Pika: a great color picker


📡 Services

  • Njalla to register my domains

  • Vercel hosts some of my projects, including this website

  • Cloudflare is behind all my domains (DDoS protection, CDN, DNS proxy, etc.)

  • Backblaze backs up my whole life

  • ProtonMail for my personal email

  • SimpleLogin to get email aliases for all online services

  • Gitlab hosts all my projects

  • Github mirrors the Gitlab repositories I want publicly available

💻 Hardware

Desk & Chair

Computers / Devices





Network and homelab

🎒 Gear