notesBlacklisting Google .mov and .zip TLDs
May 23, 2023

Blacklisting Google .mov and .zip TLDs

Google has made the .zip and .mov top-level domains available for public registration, and cybercriminals are already using them in phishing campaigns. It might be a good idea to block them all together for now: here are the steps for PiHole users.

  1. Log into your PiHole admin interface

  2. Click on the " RegEx filter" tab

  3. In the "Regular Expression" field, write ^.*\.(zip|mov)$

  4. Click on "Add to Blacklist"


Screenshot of the PiHole web interface at /admin/groups-domains.php

You can make sure the filtering is working by accessing or If everything is setup correctly, you should get an ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID from your browser.


Screenshot of Chrome's ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID error.

You should also see the following on your PiHole query logs:


Screenshot of the PiHole web interface at /admin/queries.php